Foreword from the Premier and Minister

Police Minister Lisa NevilleVictoria Police do an exceptional job on the front line keeping us safe. Prioritising community safety means ensuring police are equipped with the tools and resources to protect the public.

That’s why the State Government announced the biggest boost to police numbers in history – an extra 3,132 new police by 2022 – as part of our record $2 billion in Victoria Police announced in our first Community Safety Statement in 2017.

Two years on, more than 1,230 of those are already on the job, with another 2,729 joining the frontline over the next 12 months.

With more police hitting the streets, the impact on the crime rate is real. The most recent independent Crime Statistics Agency figures show the victimisation rate is the lowest in five years. The rate of burglary and break and enter offences is the
lowest it’s been in a decade.

But our plan to transform the way we approach community safety goes well beyond providing more police. Through greater innovation, Victoria Police is reshaping the delivery of its services. It means police officers have more time to catch criminals and spend less time on paperwork.

Mobile technology such as body-worn cameras is already helping strengthen community safety, proving a critical tool to help family violence victims avoid the trauma of giving evidence in court. The footage captured by the cameras have provided
vital in securing early guilty pleas in at least four cases so far.

Delivering on this ambitious plan remains challenging. Working together, we will provide a better future and a safer society for all Victorians.

Daniel Andrews MP
Premier of Victoria

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Police