Foreword from the Premier and Minister

There’s nothing more important than keeping our state safe.

Thankfully, Victoria is home to an exceptional police force – men and women who are highly trained and dedicated to serving their local communities.

They put themselves on the line for us – and they should get all the help they need.

But for too long, police resourcing was determined by elections, not by experts.

It’s why, in 2016, we released the first ever Community Safety Statement.

With it – the biggest ever investment in law and order in our state's history, including the funding, recruiting and deploying of an extra 3,135 new police.

And already, hundreds of these new officers have hit our streets.

Importantly, the number and location of these new recruits is being determined by a sophisticated and evidence-based model, developed by Victoria Police in consultation with The Police Association of Victoria.

It means that, finally, it’s police – rather than politicians – making the big decisions.

And it’s an approach that’s working.

Recent independent crime data has shown that our police are driving down crime across Victoria.

But it’s only the beginning – and the Community Safety Statement 2018/19 takes our work even further, delivering the police, protection and prevention our state needs.

First, we committed to the biggest police recruitment drive in Victorian history.

Now, we’re making sure our men and women in blue have everything they need – the powers, the equipment and the technology – to get the jump on crime.

We’re giving police the powers they need to catch criminals, but we’re also focused on ensuring criminals are held to account.

It’s why, at the same time, we’re protecting Victorians by introducing tough new bail and parole laws, while further strengthening sentencing.

Of course, not every kid who makes a bad decision is destined to become a bad adult.

And right now, across our state, ice is destroying lives and devastating communities.

So, we’re doubling the number of drug rehab beds and we’re introducing new compulsory treatment orders for adults with multiple and complex needs, including addiction, who pose a risk of violence to others.

With more police, more protection, and more prevention, we’re making Victoria safer.

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP

Hon Daniel Andrews MP
Premier of Victoria

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP

Hon Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Police