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Making Victoria Safer

Our commitment to you

The first Community Safety Statement outlined the Victorian Government’s plan for keeping our state safe.

It also set out exactly what is being done to drive down crime, beginning with the delivery of 3,135 new frontline police – the biggest investment in Victoria’s history.

This investment was underpinned by a new model of police resourcing – developed by Victoria Police in consultation with The Police Association of Victoria – that ended the boom and bust cycles of the past.

Last year’s Community Safety Statement also made clear the Government’s additional priorities – reducing family violence and other serious offending, greater community engagement, putting victims first, holding offenders to account and boosting police technology and capability.

These commitments – developed in partnership with Victoria Police – were accompanied by a record $2 billion investment that provided the people, resources, laws and support needed for Victoria Police to deliver a safer Victoria.

The Community Safety Statement 2018/19 builds on this foundational work, detailing the police, protection and prevention our state needs.

That includes expanding the investment and support being delivered to Victoria Police, as well as the broader reform work being done to the justice system to ensure perpetrators are being adequately punished.

It also outlines how the Government and Victoria Police will be held to account for the delivery of initiatives through twice-yearly public reporting by the independent Community Safety Trustee.

Further demonstrating our shared commitment to remaining accountable and on track, a new Community Safety Statement will be issued every year.

It’s a long-term commitment that puts an end to short-term quick fixes.

Finally, we now have the steady hand that’s needed to keep our state safe.

Finally, the politics is being taken out of policing.