Our commitment to you

What’s new in this Statement

The Community Safety Statement 2018/19 recommits the Government and Victoria Police to five key priorities and the actions that will keep our state safe.

  1. Reducing harm – so threats are identified and prevented, and Victorians are safe from crime
  2. Increasing connection to the community – so communities’ concerns are listened to and acted on, and police have a highly visible presence on our streets
  3. Putting victims first – so victims are at the heart of policing, and women and children live free from family violence
  4. Holding offenders to account – so people who commit crime are punished
  5. Improving Victoria Police capability, culture and technology – so the police force has everything it needs to fight crime and keep our state safe.

The major distinction between this Community Safety Statement and the last is that it has been shaped by feedback from Victorians.

Last year, more than 4,900 Victorians were asked to provide their direct input on community safety priorities.

This input has been vital. It means that the Community Safety Statement 2018/19 has been shaped by policing and justice professionals, but also informed by the direct voice of Victorians.

The Community Safety Statement 2018/19 recommits the efforts of the Government and Victoria Police, while taking our work even further, delivering the police, protection and prevention our state needs.

That includes bedding down the reforms committed to in the 2017 Statement, while also delivering the specialist technology and equipment needed by police to target and prevent crime.

Three police
What’s new in policing

  • more Protective Services Officers (PSOs) across the public transport network, with early work underway to consider an expansion into places such as shopping centres, malls, and other places of mass gathering
  • new mobile police stations to tackle crime when and where it happens
  • new police powers to better prevent and respond to terrorist incidents
  • specialist training and access to longarm firearms for selected police in Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • harsher penalties for drug and drink driving
  • more opportunities to connect with Victoria Police, both online and in person.

What’s new in protection

  • tougher punishments for young people who offend with new orders, facilities and penalties
  • stronger sentencing, with new laws to limit the use of Community Correction Orders
  • new laws to respond to incidents of injury and assault against police and emergency service workers
  • introducing longer prison sentences and harsher penalties for drug dealers
  • creating new laws to target organised crime
  • improving the way the justice system treats victims.

What’s new in prevention

  • a new Fixated Threat Assessment Centre to better identify and respond to individuals who may pose a threat to public safety
  • new compulsory treatment for adults with multiple and complex needs, including addiction, who pose a risk of violence to others will be introduced
  • new resources and training to help police recognise andrespond to the early signs of family violence
  • even more funding for projects that prevent youth crime
  • further work to improve safety in public spaces through lighting and design
  • extra support to divert kids away from crime, and into education, training or a job
  • a strengthened focus on crime prevention, working with Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Stoppers.