Our commitment to you

What you can expect to see over the course of 2018/19

The rollout of initiatives outlined in the first two Community Safety Statements means that Victorians can expect to see not just new actions and activity, but real improvements in community safety.

Three police
More police

  • continuing recruitment of new police with 825 extra police, above attrition, to be deployed in 2018/19
  • continuing commitment to 24 hour police stations being open and accessible at all hours
  • more PSOs across the public transport system
  • body-worn cameras on frontline police, providing new capability to capture evidence
  • rollout of Victoria Police’s sophisticated intelligence system, gathering information and leading to quicker arrests
  • more police and PSOs equipped with mobile technology, giving them real-time access to operational information
  • complete rollout of Victoria Police Eyewatch Facebook pages to all 54 police service areas
  • new specialist police to fight technology enabled offending by serious and organised criminals
  • new mobile police stations to tackle crime when and where it happens.

More protection

  • implementation of the new Firearm Prohibition Order scheme to curb illegal gun crime and target violent offenders
  • tougher bail and remand reforms
  • harsher penalties for injuring or threatening police and emergency service workers
  • more offenders being held to account with longer sentences
  • cash for scrap metal banned, denying organised crime a key revenue stream
  • tougher punishments for young people who offend with new orders, facilities and penalties
  • extra mobile policing units to stamp out crime at a local level.

More prevention

  • more drug rehab beds treating more Victorians for their addictions
  • rollout of new youth specialist police to reduce the risk of vulnerable young people offending
  • new initiatives to target the root causes of crime in young people and in specific communities
  • more opportunity for local communities to take control of crime prevention activity in their own areas
  • more support for organisations like Crime Stoppers and Neighbourhood Watch
  • new security measures in Melbourne's CBD
  • more ways to contact police and resolve non-emergency issues.