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What you told us

We recognise that building a safe Victoria relies on listening to communities.

In the 2017 Community Safety Statement, the Government committed to consulting the community to:

  • help inform community safety policy
  • drive better engagement between communities and Victoria Police
  • map your views, expectations and ideas about community safety.

More than 4,900 Victorians took part in the consultation.

As part of the conversation, tougher sentencing, bail and parole practices were all highlighted, as were programs designed to stop people, particularly young people, offending and reoffending.

You also said a visible police presence was an effective way of promoting safety both in local areas and on the roads. The presence of Protective Services Officers (PSOs) also had a significant positive impact on how safe participant feel at train stations.

Feedback also highlighted the importance of an active police response to drug and alcohol-affected people in public places.

People reported that police and PSOs were doing a good job, but that community safety is complex and cannot be solved by policing alone.

You agreed that the use of specialists including police, mental health and support services is a better way to tackle the underlying causes of crime.

The importance of police engaging with the community, in particular vulnerable young people, to build trust and have a positive influence on communities was also highlighted.

You told us that you believe efforts to prevent and respond to family violence are having a positive impact, making it easier for victims to report crimes.

Participants also viewed the work that Victoria Police has been doing to promote gender equality and cultural diversity in their workforce as a positive development.

To everyone who participated in this process – thank you.

Your feedback is greatly valued and has been used to shape this Statement. It will also continue to inform our work now, and into the future.